Thursday, January 29, 2009

Who Are You? Intro Movie...Amazing!

Who Am I, anyways?

Upon reviewing the goals section of the EDUC 6305 Syllabus, I've realized how little I pursue opportunities to incorporate technology into any aspect of teaching besides assigning individual research, with the option of using credible web-sources. Although I am not yet an employed educator, having clinicals, tutoring, and working educational children summer programs, is enough past experience to know how much I need a course designed to help me showcase through the web my eventually I can comfortably teach and give students the opportunity to have more non-traditional methods of illustrating their gained knowledge. For example, even the Microsoft Photo Story assignment, which I am currently completing, intimidates me. However, someday I'd love to have the opportunity to let students express themselves through a similiar assignment; it's a great combination of the internet, personal reflection, and self-expression!

On a side note: anyone interested in a female calico cat? She's technically a stray, but has been living at my apartment [no un-caged animals allowed] for several months. She's lovable and great with house guests.... Only flaw, she wants to eat the roommate's guinea pig.

Monday, January 26, 2009

The Virgin Post

Howdy! As an opening, I thought it best to share a little personal information... My name is Sarah Haught, I graduated from Marshall University Spring 08' with a degree in English Literature; currently I am pursuing my M.A.T. in English [5-12] at Fairmont State. This is only my second semester via online courses... and reviewing the course work requirements for EDUC 6305 is definitely intimidating. I have successfully integrated PowerPoint into my lesson plans during clinicals; however, as an educator of the 21st Century I am aware of my need to absorb as much knowledge from this class as possible. Prior the first week- I had never heard of Skype, written a blog, or had a Gmail account [I'm sure a couple fellow classmates are in similar situations]. I am looking forward to refreshing myself on using spreadsheets and continuing blog posts.

*Random Facts*
In my spare time I play the banjo...
I enjoy dirt-track racing [pure stock cars & 4-wheelers]
I help manage the family business- A berry farm located in Proctor, W.Va.
[blackberries, blueberries, and coming this spring..... black raspberries!]